Pre-Incubation Facility

WBIF provides entrepreneurship education under the its Pre-Incubation facility. It enables innovators to establish their start-ups by harmonizing their business plan with universal practices, in so doing helping them to magnificently enter the market and expand their business.

The benefits that one can achieve through our Pre-Incubation programs includes the following

  • Promotion of external entrepreneurship, setting up and management businesses.
  • Establishing entrepreneurial, intrapreneurship way of action.
  • Supporting the innovative ideologies, skills and perceptions of the participants.

Through Pre-Incubation program at WBIF, the risk of reduced environment could be attained as the entrepreneurial ideas will be pre-filtered checking the market viability and helps the pre-incubatees to prevent larger investments and to avoid the failures in setting up new company for further business development.

    Note:**** Pre-Incubation program is absolutely free at WBIF****